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Bon Iver Live Session is Just Pure Music

I jumped on the Bon Iver bandwagon a couple of years ago thanks to the Hype Machine helping me discover Justin Vernon and the rest of his band right after their debut album was just beginning to get buzz.

Another album and a couple of years of solid listening later, including an amazing live concert at Edgefield near Portland, and I’m still as excited about Bon Iver as ever.

While it’s not the full band, this live session of Justin Vernon and bandmatte Sean Carey intimately captures how amazing they are. It’s the kind of thing you watch and just wish you had that kind of talent. Enjoy.

My Top Music Artists of 2010

I’m a little late on this as it’s been a rough draft waiting to be posted for a long time, but I’ve always enjoyed seeing people’s year in music roundup posts, so why not do my own? It’ll either be great to have people mock my taste in music, or perhaps I can turn you on to a new artist and make your day.
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