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How Starting a Company Is Like Coaching College Football

Chip Kelly Oregon Ducks Football CoachThere are two huge things going on in my life right now besides the usual exciting things my wife and kids are up to all the time.
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Google’s Computerized Car Debate

By some futurist predictions from the past, we’d all be flying around in our cars by 2010. While that’s obviously not the case, Google announced this week that they have developed computerized cars that have logged over 140,000 miles on public roads. While this by itself is pretty cool and amazing, it sparked a bit of debate among tech blogs about how and if Google should be spending time on projects that seem far away from their core mission.
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Congratulations to AppNexus

AppNexusReal-time Ad Platform AppNexus announced a large $50M Series C investment today to fuel more growth and taking their business global.
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New I Love My Ducks (Return of the Quack)

Following up to last year’s hit breakout I Love My Ducks, Supwichugirl brings back Ducks love with 2010′s “I Love My Ducks (Return of the Quack)”.

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