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Publisher Success Story: Plentyoffish at

The story of Markus Frind and the success of has been covered before and is pretty well known to those who follow the web publishing world closely. goes a bit deeper though than previous stories, so it’s interesting to learn a bit more about Frind and his background and the success has received.
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Google Laying Off Thousands of Temp Workers?

Apparently Google has gotten rid of thousands of temporary workers according to the Associated Press based on documents filed to the SEC. I can’t say this is terribly surprising based on layoffs at my own employer and elsewhere in the tech industry.
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Display Lifts Search Advertising Results

Another study, this time from Specific Media which is a very smart ad network, showing that display advertising along with search advertising provides a lot of advantage over just advertising on search alone.
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The Hype Machine and the Yearly Zeitgeist

The Hype MachineOne of my favorite parts of the end of a year is seeing the end of year music wrap ups from various publications and bloggers I happen to read who cover music. Most of the time those lists are just the opinions of one person or a small group of people, which can be interesting, but my favorite list for 2007 was the Hype Machine’s Zeitgeist. They’ve recently launched their Zeitgeist for 2008.
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The Best Sports Story of the Year

My allegiance to the University of Oregon is not a secret to anyone who knows me, so you’d suspect that my favorite sports story of the year would have a tie in to their sports program. However, it’s not so much a story of success, but the story of a couple of the team’s football players getting involved with a 17-year old kid who was on his last days due to brain cancer.
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Yahoo’s Overall Survival Strategy

Jawad Shuaib wrote a guest post for ReadWriteWeb today called “What Yahoo Must Do to Survive”, and I thought it was worth some comments as I have some disagreements with it.
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