Civil War Football Highlight Video

Here’s a 4-minute highlight video of the 2008 Civil War football game between my beloved Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers. It was one of the most satisfying football games I’ve ever watched as a diehard Duck fan. Highlights in the video include “More Than A Feeling” by Boston as the soundtrack, and many shots of dejected Beaver fans realizing they aren’t headed to the Rose Bowl.

  • Jeff Tunnell

    That is funny! Not being as die hard a fan as you before the game I had decided to root for the Beavs because I wanted to watch them in the Rose Bowl. I know, that is lame. But, I redeemed myself after the first Duck touchdown, and decided “screw the Beavers”, I wanted the Ducks to win! A blow out was even better.

    The music for this video was spot on. Too bad it will probably get taken down. This is a perfect example of Fair Use, and helps the value of the song, but the record companies don’t see it that way.

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