Home Automation Knowledge Leads to Less Power Usage

I’ll admit it, I’m a green hypocrite. There are a lot of green and sustainable activities I participate in and support, but I’m far from perfect on me and my family’s environmental impact.

In some cases, we’re not being as green as we could be due to not wanting to make the sacrifices, but in other cases it’s a lack of knowledge.

In general when wanting to use less energy, waste less, and live sustainably the choices boil down to using or doing something less, choosing a more green way to do it, or adopting to new technology that does it better.

Being a fan of technology, I like seeing articles like this that point out new ways that people can use technology to become more knowledgeable about their energy use and how to use less. I currently don’t know for sure how much energy the different appliances and electronics in my house used, and I guarantee I’d use them less or differently if I knew.

I’m definitely going to look into Control4 and other technologies to potentially add to our house. Unfortunately, these technologies are probably still prohibitively expensive for the population at large, but maybe in a few years they’ll become standard on all new homes built and be cheap enough that the mass population can retrofit to homes and apartments.

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