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Yahoo! Sends 100M Visits to Newspapers, How Much Money Is That?

Yahoo! just announced that they’ve sent over 100M visits to the Newspaper Consortium from Yahoo! sites. The Consortium is a partnership of holding companies that contains 770 local newspapers. And apparently they are pretty happy about getting links to their articles throughout Yahoo!

“It’s very exciting when our news makes it to’s top features,” said Anthony Moor, Deputy Managing Editor, Interactive, The Dallas Morning News, and editor of “It’s like a firehose blasting us with up to 800,000 page views in just a couple of hours. We’ve had placements that have accounted for up to 27 percent of the day’s page views, and 65 percent of the day’s unique visitors.”

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NYT Covers Ad Exchanges, Gets It Partly Right

Stephanie Clifford writes about ad exchanges in the New York Times and discusses the new “traders” that are using exchanges to buy and sell ads.

First, it’s great anytime the ad exchange space gets press in my opinion as it’s still not widely understood both in the business world overall and even in the advertising space. There are a few comments I’d like to make though:
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Home Automation Knowledge Leads to Less Power Usage

I’ll admit it, I’m a green hypocrite. There are a lot of green and sustainable activities I participate in and support, but I’m far from perfect on me and my family’s environmental impact.

In some cases, we’re not being as green as we could be due to not wanting to make the sacrifices, but in other cases it’s a lack of knowledge.
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Investing in and Building on New Platforms

Scoble posted today about the “Silicon Valley VC Disease”, which can best be summarized as only investing in companies that are addressing markets that are big today and have a good chance at earning revenue over the next couple of years.
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I love publisher success stories. I think it’s part of the core of what I love about the business aspects of the web, and why I ended up building advertising tools that help them earn more money doing what they love.

The New York Times recently published an article about Arnold Kim who runs, one of the most successful blogs on the web.
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Will Niche Ad Exchanges Work?

Glam Media has announced the launch of their own ad exchange, which is interesting for a couple of reasons.

First, without knowing much about the implementation and their plans for it I’ll question whether it’s really an ad exchange. There have been companies in the past who have dressed up their ad networks with slightly altered technology and then labeled themselves an ad exchange because it’s a hot buzzword.
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