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Pinch Media Launches With Funding

Congratulations to former Right Media and Yahoo! colleagues Greg Yardley and Jesse Rohland who have announced an investment in their new company Pinch Media from a strong group of investors.
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Yahoo! Buzz is umm….Buzzing

Read/Write Web points to some interesting data from Comscore showing that Yahoo! Buzz is surpassing Digg in traffic, engagement, and also has a more balanced demographic.

First, I’d say to never trust just one statistics service, but it is safe to say that it looks like Yahoo! Buzz is a winner thus far in it’s growth and shows what Yahoo! can do with it’s audience when they execute something well. Buzz is probably far from Digg in being a known brand in the “social news” space, but does that matter if you’re introducing social news to the rest of the internet beyond the technology elite?

Keeping Things Simple And How It Worked for LinkedIn

K.I.S.S I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what web applications I use and why, and of course how this relates to what I’m doing at work.

Keeping things simple is considered an overused idea these days in the web application world. I’d attribute some of this to the success 37Signals has had with their applications, blogs, ebooks, and seminars that push this philosophy.
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Monday Should Be an Interesting Day at Work.

Microsoft pulls the offer for Yahoo.

Time to Catch UP


It’s been quite a while since my last blog post, and unfortunately I’m not blogging much for a variety of reasons. Essentially:

  1. Adding a third kid to the mix at home definitely takes up some time.
  2. Work is very busy and very engaging leaving not much time to blog.
  3. A lot of the stuff I would say and discuss is either off limits while doing what I’m doing, or at least close enough to the line that I don’t want to spend the time analyzing it.

I would like to get to posting a bit more, so perhaps you’ll see some quicker posts with just quick comments. I tend to want to provide a lot of value to a post, but I rarely have the time to sit down for an hour or more and work on a lengthy post.

One thing that may help solve this is I’ve installed the wphone plugin so I can post directly from my iPhone. I’m finding that I’m interacting with Twitter and Facebook much more because I’m so often using my iPhone while traveling or out and about, so maybe if I can post to this blog easier through the iPhone I’ll do it more.

Instead of making lots of quick posts, I’ll go ahead and do a quick update in what’s going on:

1. I’ve had a number of recent offsite work trips recently that have been very productive and fun. There have been great discussions with smart people, and a lot of excitement about what we’re building at Yahoo! despite any clouds looming on the horizon. As you can see from the picture above while sailing in the Pacific Ocean, the offsite meetings also have a little fun as well. Unfortunately my team didn’t win the sailing race.

2. Ad Tech in San Francisco was quite a show, as it seemed like the largest show in recent memory. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really blown away by much there, as it seems like a lot of companies are competing in the ad network and ad exchange space without really differentiating themselves significantly from the competition.

3. The iPhone is really the most revolutionary thing web or technology wise that’s hit me in a long time. I’ve had mine for quite a while now, but it amazes me how useful it’s become. I also find that I do more RSS feed reading, twittering, Facebooking, and Digging on the iPhone than on a normal computer. Part of that may be because I’m traveling quite a bit, but I think mainly it’s because those applications all have simplified versions for the iPhone that I find more usable than the full web versions. I can’t stand the normal version of Facebook now compared to the ease of use and simplicity of the iPhone version.

4. My family is a lot of fun right now with the three kids all making it pretty wild at home.

5. I’m excited for summer and fall, as they are really the prime two seasons in Eugene for enjoying the outdoors.

Hopefully I can follow this up with an increased frequency of posts, although I anticipate keeping them pretty short until I have more time in my day at some point.