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What a Day of News

Yesterday was a bit crazy. A lot of news hit, and most of it I can’t really say much about. Just a little rundown though:

Yahoo! Acquires IndexTools
This blog originally started with a focus on web analytics, so it’s near and dear to my heart. I’m excited to see how IndexTools is used both internally and externally for Yahoo!. Web analytics expert Eric Petersen has a good post about why this could be a game changer.

Former Yahoo! SVP Tim Cadogan Becomes CEO at OpenX
A great hire for OpenX, as I really enjoyed working with Tim while he was at Yahoo!. OpenX is a very interesting business right now, it’ll be fun to watch what Tim does there.

Yahoo! Tests Outsourcing Search Monetization With Google
No comment.

Yahoo! And AOL To Merge?
No comment.

NewsCorp To Join Microsoft In Yahoo! Offer?
No comment, man this blog is exciting.

AOL and Jump Into the Small Publisher Game With PubAccess
Not too long ago I remember it was a bunch of fairly standard ad networks as the only options for small publishers. Then we launched Direct Media Exchange (formerly RMX Direct) at Right Media which was the first “tool” to help publisher manage multiple ad networks and make their lives easier. Since then we’ve seen more in this space like The Rubicon Project, PubMatic, now PubAccess, and Google’s AdManager in a less direct way. I don’t think we’ll see the last of it either.

Definitely not a slow news day in the world of Yahoo!

Yahoo! Announces AMP!, Now I Can Tell People What I Work On….

Yahoo! has just gone public with AMP!, as pointed out in the New York Times by Miguel Helft.

The nice thing is now when talking with others outside Yahoo! they’ll have a bit more understanding of one of the major efforts I’m working on. Of course, there will be questions and confusion, for example Mashable saying it seems a lot like Google Adsense. I know Mashable is going off of very little information, but I thought I’d just note that’s not accurate at all. Watching the early preview video below should give a bit more feel of the direction the platform is moving.
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