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Microsoft AdCenter scores the WSJ Properties

It looks like it’s really going to get interesting in the battle for publisher ad space. In the last year Microsoft has started to become much more serious about locking up publisher properties, and they’ve done so again with and its related properties.
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Automattic (WordPress) Snags 29.5 Million in Series B

Interesting news out of Silicon Valley where the creators of popular blogging software WordPress has taken a $29.5 million round of funding to help them grow into their next phase.

I’ve had a couple of conversations with founder Matt Mullenweg at conferences over the years and participated in the first Wordcamp event in San Francisco, and it’s great to see such a nice guy succeed. Matt’s a classy individual who really cares about what he works on, and it’s fun that he shares more of the WordPress backstory on his announcement post.

WordPress has always operated in a cheap manner being virtual for a long time and coming from the open source state of operations. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with such a large amount of money in the bank. Will it change how they operate? Do they have revenue models set up for the long haul that will earn their investors a big enough return on that investment? Supposedly they already turned down an acquisition offer of $200 million, and from Matt’s announcement post he seems to be in this for the long haul as an independent company. It should be fun to watch, I’ve enjoyed their software thus far.

Online Advertising Taking Over TV Advertising: It’s Happening

HipMojo points to and analyzes a report from WPP’s GroupM unit that Sweden will be the first country where internet advertising surpasses TV advertising in 2008, and it would happen in the UK in 2009. This is major. While I think it will take a bit longer in the USA, it’s happening faster than I would have predicted a couple of years ago.

When Display Advertising Creates More Value

Scott Karp kicked off the new year with a good post called Five Guiding Principles For The Transformation Of Media Companies. It’s a good post that needs to be read by every executive at major media companies today, and in many ways a lot of it seems like common sense to those who have been watching the transformation occur and understand what’s going on.
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JP Morgan Predicts Display Advertising CPMs Will Rise, But Will They?

JP Morgan Image

Techcrunch comments on the “Nothing but Net” report released by JP Morgan that discusses the prospects of online powers who derive a majority of their revenue from advertising.

There are a number of interesting items in the report, but the one that hits closest to home for me is their prediction that display advertising CPM prices will rise from their bottom in 2007 of $3.31 to $3.86 by 2011 through increases each year. The question is, will this occur?
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