Yahoo! Kickstart Launches

One of the things that’s interesting adjusting to working for a much larger company now, is that the company launches products and services you had no idea were even in development. Such is the case tonight when I saw the news that Yahoo! Kickstart launched.

Kickstart appears to most likely be a competitor to LinkedIn, as it’s aimed around letting people list where they went or go to school, and where they work or worked. I think the assumption would be that people can use it to find jobs, get advice, and network within communities they understand.

It also seems to be in a pretty early state as there isn’t a ton of functionality. However, that’s also what I’m liking about it. I’m pretty burned out on the complexity of the top social networks these days, so something that’s much simpler and easier to understand is a nice change of pace.

It’s also addressing one of the problems I’ve had with LinkedIn which is that LinkedIn isn’t quite enough of a social network as it doesn’t have profile pictures and other information about people beyond work/school. It looks like Kickstart is setting itself up to fit that need. Can it succeed though with LinkedIn having years of a head start?

I don’t know, but here’s my profile if you’d like to connect.

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