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Happy Halloween: Oregon Ducks Style


Happy Halloween, Go Ducks this weekend against ASU in one of the biggest games ever at Autzen Stadium, and hat tip to Mike McNeeley for the image.

Right Media Open Recap

Right Media OpenI’ve been to a lot of web industry events, so I’ve become pretty picky on what actually makes a good one. It’s essentially nailing the combination of event content, organization, location, social events, and the quality of the people there.

While maybe not an A+ in every category, the Right Media Open that occurred last week in Half Moon Bay was the best event I’ve ever attended.

There is bias in my opinion since I work for Right Media and played a part in planning and executing the event, but this is also my blog and my opinion, so let’s just roll with it. I had an advantage in enjoying it since I knew the majority of the attendees and was interested in the content, but I can objectively judge the location, reaction of the attendees, the activities, and general mood of the event. And those were all off the charts.

Half Moon Bay GolfHalf Moon Bay is supposedly cloudy and rainy for much of the year, but we had 75 degree weather to go along with the amazing views and quality of the Ritz. There was golf, Segway tours, tennis, fitness, poker, drinking, comedy, and somewhere mixed along the way we had numerous speakers and panel discussions about advertising exchanges.

The highlights for the majority of the world may have been the Jerry Yang Keynote, or the Competitor Faceoff, but I probably was most amused watching my fellow coworkers crack jokes while running their panel discussions.

Special thanks to Jeanette O’Donoghue, Lauren Axelrod, and Meredith McTernan for putting the event together, and to the rest of the Right Media team for making it all happen. Also a huge thanks to all the great attendees who are pioneers in the online advertising space.

Oh, and they also had really large pumpkins.

big pumpkins

Time for Some Updates and Random Thoughts

Flickr Cube

Due to a number of factors my blog post frequency (and quality) has drastically deteriorated over the past few months, but that’s okay. I hope to improve it as things settle down, but I haven’t had the time to dig in and do any high quality posts. In an effort to just let everyone know what’s going on at the moment I’m going to try and increase the frequency by at least doing brief updates on what’s going on around me and the business topics I blog about.

Let’s get it started:
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Jerry Yang to Keynote the Right Media Open

jerry_yang_thumb.jpgAs a follow up to my previous post about my excitement for the Right Media Open, I should not that my excitement level just rose as we’ve announced that Chief Yahoo! Jerry Yang will be doing a fireside chat keynote at the Right Media Open. Most likely the topics of discussion will hover around the new digital advertising world and how Yahoo! is taking part in it.
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