Hockey Really Is Cool Live

hockey.jpgOn a visit to Yahoo!’s Burbank offices for a presentation and some planning meetings I got the opportunity to go to the NHL playoff game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. I’d never been to a hockey game before, and I will admit I’d made my fair share of hockey jokes over the years.

I’ve always heard people say that hockey is much better live than on TV, so I was curious to see if that was the case. I came to the following conclusions:

  1. Yes, hockey is much more interesting live than on TV. The speed of the game is more apparent, the physical nature is more intense, and you can see the whole flow of the game which actually ends up being an interesting mix of power and grace.
  2. Two “halftimes” provides ample opportunity to get food and drinks.
  3. hockey fans are entertaining and very passionate. They love wearing oversized jerseys, throwing things on the ice, and spilling beer on me.
  4. I can appreciate any sport that not only accepts, but encourages its players to grow beards.

If you haven’t seen live NHL hockey, I’d recommend it. I was a skeptic and really enjoyed it. I doubt I’ll really start watching it on TV, but it was a good time.

  • Steven

    ummmmmmmm 1 prob its intermissions to not halftimes thats in soccer(north america)<— everywhere its football

  • Mike

    Why is there a picture of somoene falling and making it seem hes intending to kick the goalie? Secondly its intermitions and thirdly the only thing they throw on the ice is hat when someone scores three goals. You make it seem like its some barbaric sport that theres no control and people are thowing beer on the ice, The NHL needs the casual fan like yourself but hockey fans everywhere dont want you. Dont bother watching hockey, you just make a disgrace of the most beautiful game on the planet.

  • Kody

    HOCKEY IS THE GREATEST SPORT EVER! Thats the end od that.

  • Amber

    Seriously? They’re called intermitions not halftimes. Get your facts straight. And the only thing ever thrown is a hat if there’s been a hat-trick made by one of the players. Please, save yourself some trouble and just not watch hockey because it’s a better sport than you make it out to be.

  • Pat McCarthy

    Notice how I put “halftimes” in quotes? I know they aren’t called halftimes, I was relating it to other people like myself who weren’t previously hockey fans. Also, fans at the game I was at DID throw things on the ice and they definitely weren’t hats for a hat trick.

  • JayP

    Oh god I hate people who crap all over casual fans of hockey. I am a Canadian and I’ve always loved hockey and understand all of its nuances, and I love it when people finally come around to it. I don’t know why people feel the need to get so defensive and clingy. I want more hockey fans, everyone should watch hockey, I don’t care. How else do you ever learn it? Need more fans everywhere, I’m sick and tired of watching games in Atlanta with 1200 people in the crowds. It was obvious the dude didn’t actually think they were half times, Jesus Christ.

  • Kayla

    Calm down.
    He gave his opinion on hockey and you’re bitching about it? He’s clearly stated that he’s seen a live game… Which indicates that he saw stuff thrown on the ice.

  • Joshua

    Not once did this guy mention that beer is thrown onto the ice. However, he did mention people spilling beer on him. “Secondly” it’s intermissions not intermitions. “Thirdly”, he picked a picture that he clearly thought would be a good representative of his opinionated blog. In closing, it’s a good thing you don’t get to pick who watches Hockey eh?

  • joey

    actully ppl in toronto throw waffles, and in detroit they throw squid. so be telling ppl that its only hats

  • Guest

    vut? Are you stubid? Vockey is vairy not fun. de soccer is fun. you get to shoot a ball into a larger net and use you leggers.

  • Hockeybeast94

    i love hockey

  • Gutzy

    Shut up pussy put down your pen and play hockey to get the real hockey experience!

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