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Yahoo Acquires Right Media: I’m a Yahooligan!


The New York Times, jumped the gun by a few hours but the story is out that Yahoo has acquired my employer Right Media.
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How Do You Manage Your Contacts and Address Book?

I’ll admit it, I have no system for keeping track of contacts beyond saving and archiving old email so I can look up someone’s contact information. Normally I feel like I’m on top of ways to use your computer for business and organization, but for some reason I’ve never cracked the code on contact management. So why not ask for some advice?
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Performancing pMetrics Launches, or is it Relaunches?

A rising star in the blog web analytics space over the last year or so was Performancing Metrics. Performancing ended up having some problems and ended up selling off the metrics and community aspect of their business to SplashPressMedia. Many were sad to see Performancing Metrics fall by the wayside, but lo and behold they’ve returned with a new metrics platform called pMetrics. Read More … Is Launching a Contextual Search Network

SearchEngineLand is reporting that is launching a contextual search ad network on their own content properties such as,, and on May 21st. They then may roll this product out to third-party publishers next quarter.
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Web Revenue Blog Rankings: April Update

revenueblogrankings.gifIt’s been a couple of months since the original Web Revenue Blog Rankings were put out, so I thought it was time to put out an update as well as add a few more blogs to the list. Without further delay, here is the list:
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Study Says Advertising on User Generated Content Is A Good Deal

A recent study by advertising company BlueLithium determined that advertising on user generated content is a great deal.

There currently is a struggle for online advertisers to feel comfortable advertising their brands on user generated content sites like social networks, blogs, forums, and video sites. These are the areas in which ad inventory is growing rapidly on the web, so advertisers need to start learning how to best use this ad inventory and become more comfortable with it.
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A Name Change: Direct Media Exchange

Direct Media Exchange LogoAfter a couple months of confusion between the product I run for Right Media that was formerly titled RMX Direct, we’ve renamed it to Direct Media Exchange. The confusion came from the fact that the product was a simple publisher interface to participate in the Right Media Exchange which many people abbreviate to RMX, but people would often get confused between the Right Media Exchange as a whole and this product specifically. The similar names essentially caused people to think it was the same thing.
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Comparing Ripoff TV Commercials to Online Advertising

Mark Cuban has a popular post today about informercials and ripoff TV commercials degrading the quality and hurting TV networks. He also points out that his own network HDNet will never take these type of commercials.
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Valleywag Declares Apple/iTunes the Podcasting Winner

As I posted a few weeks back, I don’t see anything relating to audio podcasting as being a winning and growing business today. The main players all appear to be flat in their growth, one of the leaders in Odeo is up for sale, and Valleywag now has a post pointing out that Apple/iTunes came late to the game but quickly won the fight to be the main place to find podcasts with over 50% of the market.
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Liveblogging Web 2.0 Expo: Avinash Kaushik and Testing

One of the most interesting sessions to me at Web 2.0 Expo was fellow analytics blogger Avinash Kaushik’s session called “Click the Big Red Button : Tips & Techniques for Optimizing Conversion and A/B Testing”. I was looking forward to it because even though I’ve been big into testing for years, I still feel like the majority of the web world is so far away from embracing testing to improve web results.
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