BusinessWeek Covers Our Big Ambitions

bwcom_377x65.gifThe media is starting to pay a lot more attention to what we’re doing at Right Media, and for good reasons.

The latest article called “Right Media’s Big Ambitions” comes from BusinessWeek shortly after our first analyst day. The article is pretty good, and summarizes some of the successes and challenges well. It’s an exciting time but like any company playing in a competitive space we have to keep executing and innovating. I’m looking forward to it. This quote from our CEO Mike Walrath sums it up well:

“We hear people say, ‘What you’re doing, this is reinventing-an-industry-type stuff. You guys are too young to do this,’” says Walrath, 31. “But it doesn’t feel that way to us.”

If we listened to conventional wisdom, we never would have even gotten started.

  • tgv

    Yes. Nice to have this kind of coverage again, eh?

    Also, NICE upgrade and remodel on the site. I liked the old RM colors, but this is better.



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