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revenueblogrankings.gifWe’ve got Technorati, Alexa, and other various traffic or ranking services that help us quantify and rank blogs and give us something to talk about. Unfortunately, these servcies all rank with different criteria such as the number of links from other blogs, traffic based on a toolbar install, traffic estimates based on a panel, or something else entirely. Additionally, it’s not always that useful in context of your actual industry. What’s more useful to know, that my blog is #53,294 in Alexa or that it’s the 9th ranked blog in it’s niche?

Because of this, I’ve decided to compile a list of blogs that I call the “Web Revenue Blogs”, look up their rankings in various services, compile them, and then rank them accordingly. I
classify a blog as a “Web Revenue Blog” if the primary focus of the blog is helping people make money through a blog or website.

What is a “Web Revenue Blog”?
Blogs that focus on affiliate marketing, display advertising, contextual advertising, and actually helping people generate revenue in these ways by running their own site. This blog is a good example, as well as others in the list.

I’ve intentionally left out company blogs in this area like the YPN Blog, Inside Adsense, and others. I’ve also left out blogs that really just only cover news, or blogs that are really heavy on search engine news and optimization tips. The blogs in these rankings spend a lot of their time talking about making money from a website or blog.

Why make these rankings?
As I mentioned above, I don’t think any one service shows the whole picture. I was also interested to see how my blog stacked up agains the competition, and wanted to motivate myself. Additionally, I think this will help people find some good blogs that they can learn from, and it’s good to study these bloggers as the top ones are doing many things right.

How are the rankings calculated?
These rankings are a way to just calculate which blogs are the most popular and have the most influence in this industry. Therefore, I decided to try and find a way to combine link quantity, link authority, and actual site traffic. I took data from numerous sources, and then gave each blog a score for their ranking in that category. So if a blog was #1 in Alexa rank, they received a score of “1″ for that category. Then I averaged the scores across each data source to get an average score, and ranked the blogs in that order. I think it’d also be valuable to combine RSS subscribers into the rankings, but not all of the bloggers in the rankings publish their Feedburner subscriber count.

Is this perfect? No, and I’d be happy to hear comments on other data I should include or ways to change the formula.

The following is the data sources and why they were included:

Technorati Ranking – Provides the number of links from blogs to other blogs, and is the most commonly referred to blog ranking system. It relies on quantity of links from other blogs combined with the number of blogs doing the actual linking.

Alexa – Measures the number of visitors to a site based on Alexa toolbar installations on people’s computers. The data tends to favor the type of blogs we’re ranking, but can be easily skewed and is more accurate for the most popular sites out there.

Compete – Uses the number of unique visitors to a site based on USA visitors only. This data is also based on a panel like Comscore. Unfortunately this data is for the the USA audience only. It also only attempts to rank the top one million sites, and a few of the blogs in these rankings had no data in Compete.

Quantcast – A newer entry to the data sites, Quantcast measures site traffic by analyzing data provided by ISPs and various partners. They also allow website owners to put their code on your site so they can more accurately report your data. They also provide some other cool data about your site if you do this, and it can be very handy if you need to provide demographics to advertisers. A few blogs in these rankings also had no Quantcast data, so I’d recommend they ad the Quantcast code to make sure they get ranked.

Google Pagerank – Yes, I know Pagerank is just a number and doesn’t mean anything, but I think everyone can also agree that a site with a pagerank of 7/10 has a higher link authority than a site that has a 4/10. What that means for search results is irrelevant for these rankings, it’s more of a way to try and get some link authority into our data.

Yahoo Links – Google’s “link:” command doesn’t provide a full set of data, and we’re using Pagerank already, so I used Yahoo! Search to get a more full set of links to a site. Why do this when we have Technorati? Well, Technorati is only tracking blog links, while Yahoo is getting links from any type of site.

Now that’s past us, let’s get on to the rankings. I’m sure there are a ton of blogs not listed here that should be. I compiled this list as they are blogs I read or that I knew were some of the most popular. If you know of a blog that should be included, add it in the comments and I’ll compile the data.

Web Revenue Blog Rankings

Blog T-rati Alexa Compete Quantcast P-Rank Yahoo Score
Problogger 1 2 2 1 1 1 1.33
ShoeMoney 2 1 8 8 2 2 3.83
JohnChow 3 3 6 5 4 4 4.17
AffiliateTip 5 6 7 6 2 7 5.50
Jensense 4 5 11 10 2 3 5.83
5 Star Affiliate 7 4 3 15 3 6 6.33
JoelComm 15 8 4 4 2 5 6.33
TamingTheBeast 12 9 1 2 3 16 7.17
ConversionRater 6 14 10 7 3 9 8.17
MEMWGA 15 12 5 3 3 15 8.83
AOJon 8 10 11 12 3 10 9.00
TylerCruz 9 11 11 13 3 8 9.17
WebsitePublisher 13 7 9 9 3 14 9.17
CostPerNews 11 13 11 11 3 12 10.17
WebPublishingBlog 10 15 11 14 3 11 10.67
LeeDodd 14 16 11 15 5 13 12.33

You can see the raw data with the actual rankings from each service here.

Interesting Notes
Darren Rowse and ProBlogger was far and away the winner as the site with the best rankingt in 4 of the 6 categories, and was second in the other two. The only blog with a Google Page Rank of 7/10, one of the two Technorati Top 100 members (Shoemoney being the other), and his 437,368 Yahoo links was way ahead of the #2 which was ShoeMoney with 53,173.

A few of the sites benefit from having content beyond a normal blog which probably helps in a few of the different rankings. Those sites are Shawn Collins Affiliate Tip, TamingTheBeast.net, 5 Star Affiliate, WebsitePublisher.net, and Make Easy Money With Google Adsense.

Even though LeeDodd.com comes up at the bottom of the rankings, I expect it to be a fast mover up the list. He already has a presence in the community with EarnersForum and the Elite Retreat events, and his blog is very new but is moving up in Alexa fast.

Various sites didn’t show up in one of the ratings services, so you’ll see them tied with their score in the categories above. For JoelComm.com and Make Money With Adsense they could easily claim their blogs in Technorati to get listed their rankings, and for the blogs not in Quantcast they could add the Quantcast code to their page to get ranked.

When will the next rankings be released?
I think I’ll update these rankings as much as it makes sense. I expect new blogs to join the rankings, but I won’t publish new rankings unless there is decent movement within the rankings. There isn’t much of a point to do it each month if there is very little change. I’ll check again in a month to see if it make sense to update the rankings.

Feedback is welcome on how to improve these rankings and what blogs should be included that aren’t here now.

  • http://www.mikemcneeley.com Michael McNeeley

    That’s pretty cool Pat.

  • http://andybeard.eu/ Andy Beard

    I just linked through from my own analysis, although most of the sites I concentrated were more SEO related.

    Some of the data from Compete and Quantcast is fairly messed up and whilst Alexa can be gamed, it still seems to be the best method to judge with a niche.

  • http://www.conversionrater.com/ Pat McCarthy

    Hi Andy,

    Cool analysis of your own. I agree that some of the Compete and Quantcast data is screwy, especially if you aren’t “quantified” by Quantcast, and although in your blog post you say I don’t account for that, I actually do mention in the article that there are problems with that data.

    Also, because I’m using that data combined with Alexa, Technorati, Pagerank, and Yahoo links I think the overall picture becomes pretty accurate to the popularity and influence of these blogs.

  • http://www.webpublishingblog.com Andrew Johnson

    Looks like I need to get some stuff on Digg if I don’t want to be last in the next update ;)

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  • http://www.musicNmovies.info musicNmovies

    Aren’t you missing big blogs like TECHCRUNCH !???

  • http://www.mymoneyblog.net Miha

    Nice list Pat. It would be great if you will continue to update it and add more blogs to it.

  • http://www.conversionrater.com/ Pat McCarthy

    Techcrunch doesn’t really have a focus on helping people generate revenue from their sites/blogs. They occasionally review tools in that genre, but they’re much more of a news blog or blog that just reviews new web applications in general.

  • http://www.jimkukral.com Jim Kukral

    Techcrunch ain’t no blog. It’s a business using a CMS. Big difference.

    Great list Pat, now, where’s the widget? :)

  • http://www.conversionrater.com/ Pat McCarthy

    Good question Jim! Anyone have any suggestion on the easiest platform for making a widget?

  • http://www.chrisabraham.com Chris Abraham

    Have you checked out PostieCon? Seems like it would be the kind of conference that would really appeal. It is all about the web revenue blog and web revenue blogging…

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  • Simon Joe

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