Microsoft to Release Web Analytics Tool: Gatineau

Marshall Sponder turned me on to a post from Ian Thomas at Microsoft confirming the rumors that Microsoft is building a web analytics application code named Gatineau.

As noted in the post, Gatineau is built from Deepmetrix which Microsoft acquired last year, and they look to be aiming at a similar market as Google Analytics. Although Ian says they hope to not repeat the same problems Google Analytics did when it launched which was outages and slow response.

The functionality is not released at this point, but Marshall hopes that much of the MSN AdCenter tools and data are integrated as well, and even goes on to suggest that Google Analytics should snatch up Quantcast and integrate them.

Quantcast is definitely a cool service, and it seems to me like a useful acquisition for either an analytics company or even an advertising network or advertising technology company. Having that data on publishers integrated with an advertising solution would be rather handy.

Regardless, there’s no launch date on Gastineau, and from Ian’s post saying he hopes they get out in 2007 it could be a bit of a wait.

  • Webmetricsguru

    Well, thank you for mentioning my post on Gastineau and the DeepMetrix connection. I was surprised that Ian Thomas commented (so quickly) on the rumor.

    I’ve used, and am still using, DeepMetrix’s LiveStats.NET on two of my clients and am used to the package – kinda wondering what Microsoft is going to do with it. To me, it makes a lot of sense to pull in AdCenter data.

    In Google’s case, Quantcast makes a lot of sense as the data that’s now collected for each Google Analytics site could include demographics – it would be an incredible collection of data – made anonymous, of course.

  • Pat McCarthy

    I agree Marshall, having Quantcast tied in with an analytics application would be powerful.

  • Mark B

    Just a note that the project is codenamed “Gatineau” and not “Gastineau”. I am looking forward to see what cool things that Microsoft has included!

  • Pat McCarthy

    Thanks Mark, I updated it.

  • Julien Coquet

    Hi Pat,

    just a quick note to mention that Ian thomas wil be presenting Gatineau on September 14th in Brussels during the 2nd Web Analytics Day

    more info on



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