MyBlogLog Gets Yahoo’d

Announcements are all over the place, as MyBlogLog has been acquired by Yahoo! and will be made part of the Yahoo Developer Network.

MyBlogLog is pretty fun, kind of a social network for bloggers and blog readers at this point which makes it feel like a blog social network/LinkedIn hybrid, with an added voyeur twist of both seeing who’s browsing your blog or being seen reading other blogs. While I’m not sure it fits perfectly with the social network aspects, MyBlogLog has some simple blog analytics built in as well, so if you have the code for the reader widget like you see in my right sidebar, it also is tracking some basic stats for me.

The analytics it provides are basic but useful for most bloggers, and I actually find myself looking at them more often than some other analytics packages I used or have used simply because I’m using MyBlogLog to add a contact or join a community. So, simply having the location of the analytics being part of something else useful is making mre more likely to use them. They also have a few more advanced analytics that you have to pay to have access for. It’d be interesting to know what percentage of blog publishers are paying for analytics. 5-10% perhaps?

Being that I work for a company that Yahoo is a minority investor in, when I heard about the announcement I immediately started of thinking of ways that the application I head up called RMX Direct could potentially work with MyBlogLog. My immediate thought is that if bloggers using MyBlogLog for analytics, perhaps we could do an intergration of some type to provide ad network management through RMX Direct as well. Perhaps I’ll get in touch!

  • Luke Walsh

    Smart move by Yahoo. Mybloglog is addictive. Ganalytics forces you to sort through several layers of clicks to get to the heart of the information, and by then you’re getting too much information.

    Mybloglog integrates community in novel ways and gives you the basic stats which is all most bloggers need. That, and a good spam filter!

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