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Yahoo! Ad Network is #2 Right Out of the Gate

I found the headline on this article at Adotas’ to be amusing: “ Beats Yahoo! In Reach”.

The article refers to the November Comscore numbers for Ad Networks that has hitting 86% of the US internet audience, while the Yahoo! Ad Network hits 85% of the audience. So while the headline is certainly true, I’m not sure finishing at the top is the most interesting part of the numbers. has been on the top of these numbers for a while, but this is the first month that the Yahoo! Ad Network has actually been listed in the numbers, and it finished barely second right out of the gate. Also it’s notable that Google’s legendary ad network is in third with the number of users it reaches in the US, and that a Yahoo!-owned Blue Lithium network is in 4th hitting 74 percent of the market.

As the Yahoo! Ad Network begins to start getting aggressive on off-Yahoo! properties such as their relationships with eBay and Comcast and recent deals with, WebMD, Ziff Davis, and, it seems likely to me that Yahoo! will take over the top spot here and own the 1st and 4th largest ad networks on the web. That’s going to be a story worth telling soon.

FTC Approves Google and Doubleclick Merger

It’s been heating up for a while in the online ad platform space, and it’s now going to get hotter with Google and Doubleclick’s merger allowed to proceed by the FTC. I expected it would be approved, so no big surprise here.

I Like The Sound of Nanosolar

I’ve often thought solar power was one of the most promising clean energy options for many reasons, but it seems as if the advancement of the technology hasn’t moved as fast as it should or is capable. Over the last couple of years I’ve read about many promising advancements that seemed to start pushing solar forward. The latest news from a company called Nanosolar gets me excited as they’ve brought a new flat panel solar technology to a commercial state that is cheaper than many past solar options.
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It’s Been A December of Travel

Brad and Shoko

Picture: The Garstkas

December is normally a crazy month due to the holidays, but this may be my busiest ever with the combination of that and various travel. Normally my travel is very work-based, but this month already featured a weekend trip to Laguna Beach for my best friend and coworker Brad Nelson’s wedding. It was a fantastic time with long time friends that will be a great memory to look back on.
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Yahoo! Shortcuts is Cool, But Not Perfect

I’m going to agree with Greg, I like the Yahoo! Shortcuts plugin for WordPress that was just released, but I think it’d get more traction if the product links were affiliate-based so that bloggers could earn commission.

Very cool plugin though, it’ll be interesting to see how widely it gets used.

Yahoo! Mail and Messenger On Flights

The announcement that Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger are partnering with Jet Blue to offer lightweight wifi services on flights is both extremely cool, and kind of sad at the same time for me.

Being that I’m traveling a lot now for work it becomes readily apparent when I’m in the air that it’d be nice to be able to connect to the web in order to get work done and communicate with colleagues, friends, and family.

However, in a weird way I also treasure those few hours of internet-free time to read documents or get stuff done that is harder to focus on with connectivity distractions. It’s also a good time to just relax on occasion by reading a book or watching a movie. I guess as connectivity hits the friendly skies it will just be another place I’ll have to learn to block out distractions to relax or be extremely productive.

AdRoll is a Good Idea, but tough to Execute

Techcrunch has a post up today on AdRoll, a new “social” ad network that’s been started by former Paypal and Slide co-founder Jared Kopf.

First, I think calling it a “social” ad network is grabbing onto the social buzzword a bit, but it does appear to be more social than other ad networks as it allows publishers to form their own mini-networks based on their topics or other factors.
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31st Birthday and Jonesy

Jonesy the Cat

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. As you can see above, my kids decided a great present for me would be to get a new kitten. I’m not sure if the gift was for me or for them, but so far “Jonesy” the kitten has been a fun addition around the house.

Having a birthday around Thanksgiving is both good and bad. It’s bad because Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite holiday because I don’t really like the standard Thanksgiving food, I don’t like eating dinner early in the afternoon, and having Thanksgiving leftovers isn’t a bonus for me since I didn’t like the food in the first place. However, it’s good because there’s usually family and friends in town, it’s a holiday weekend so people have time off from work and school, there’s lots of sports to watch live or on TV, and it’s a good time to reflect on things in which we are thankful.

I must say as I’ve hit 31 I’m extremely thankful for so many things in my life. I’ve reached most of the goals I sort of mentally set for myself in my early 20s both personally, professionally, and financially. My family is just amazing, as every day feels like a gift when I’m with them. I have a great set of friends who constantly make me laugh, and a job that is challenging but also rewarding. I also am just glad to have made it this far on this round rock of life, and am happy to be working in the web industry which I truly believe is changing the world for the better.

So while most people wait for the New Year’s resolutions, I like to set some goals at my birthday since it’s close enough anyway. Here goes for the 31st year of my life:

  • Be a supportive husband and father as my wife is due to have our third child in February. That means a good portion of my year will be carrying around a newborn, which is an amazing experience.
  • Teach my girls more. It’s hard to realize how fast they’re growing up, and I think they’re ready to try more things and learn more than I sometimes realize. I’ve erred on the side of caution in being pushy and letting them choose the things they’re interested in pursuing.
  • Eat healthier. I’ve made strides here, but can continue to get better. Damn that Dr. Pepper addiction.
  • Continue to excel professionally. There are constantly new challenges, skills to learn, smart people to learn from, and learning how to be a better manager and coworker.
  • Give more time and money to worthy causes. I’ve been doing more of this as I grow older, but I want to do more as I’ve realized giving time, money, and support to the right causes can be a rewarding experience. I’d especially like to give more time, but that seems to be the hardest thing to come by these days.
  • Learn to play the guitar. I’ve dabbled on and off in short bursts over the years, but have never truly dedicated myself to “learning” how to play well.

That seems like it’s enough for now. That’s a lot to accomplish, and some of those are hard to measure, but those are the focuses for now. It seems like most bloggers would set some blogging related goal, but I’ve learned to relax about blogging. At one point I felt a lot of internal pressure to constantly post, but now I’ve realized it suits me best to blog on my own time when I have something to say. Maybe I should set a goal to have more to say in the next year? Sure, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of my other goals!

Alibaba Launches Alimama – The Ad Exchange with the Best Name

Ad Exchanges are popping up left and right, and that’s a great thing. Of course, only in certain cases are they actually exchanges instead of an ad network calling itself an exchange, but that’s a topic for another post.

The latest exchange to announce comes with an international flavor, as the Alibaba Group has launched Alimama. Alimama is an exchange focused on the Chinese ad market, and as Battelle notes, sometimes China is late to the party. However, in this case Alimama may be the first country-specific exchange I’m aware of.
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Going to Blog World Expo

Blog WorldI’ll be at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas on Thursday and Friday checking out this first time event aimed at the world of blogs. We have a Yahoo! booth that will staffed by members of Right Media’s Direct Media Exchange team as well as a few representatives from some other Yahoo! business units like MyBlogLog, Yahoo Search Marketing, and others.

Drop by the booth and say hello, and yes, I am also wondering how awkward the opening reception Pajama Party at the Hard Rock will be with a bunch of bloggers in their pajamas.