Yahoo! Invests In Right Media, Leads $45 Million Round

y31.gifIt’s an exciting day for my coworkers and our clients at Right Media as Yahoo Inc (Nasdaq: YHOO) is leading a $45 million round for a twenty percent stake in Right Media and will become a participating member of the Right Media Exchange. See our CEO’s comments here.

What does this mean for Right Media?

The job is far from over, but it’s validation from one of the world’s largest internet companies that our open exchange model has a strong future in the world of online advertising. When it comes to display advertising, Yahoo is the leader, and so having the leader join forces with us is very exciting.

logo_rm.gifThis is a continuation of many other high-level clients joining the Exchange such as Fox Interactive, Tribune, Looksmart, and others. Yahoo just happens to be putting their money where the mouth is as well.

What is Right Media doing with the money?

The investment will allow us to keep building out products and services that help grow the Right Media Exchange. Over 11,000 companies are participating in the exchange, and we’ll continue to innovate in order to help them gain more revenue and efficiency in their online advertising efforts.

Will the Right Media Exchange stay independent?

The exchange will stay independent. Yahoo will be participating and competing as any other major client would in buying and selling advertising through it.

What does this mean for other Right Media Exchange clients?

Yahoo joining the exchange is obviously more advertising inventory to buy as Yahoo is the largest display advertising property on the web. Additionally, it should bring more advertising buyers to the exchange to get access to that inventory, which benefits everyone. The more buyers and sellers on the exchange, the better off we all are.

What does this mean for Yahoo?

Being that I don’t work for Yahoo, I can’t really accurately answer this. If I had to wager a guess I’d say they’re investing in Right Media to help fund and participate in innovation in the online advertising industry, and they believe our exchange model is part of that. But, you’d better Ask Yahoo to be safe.

What does this mean for RMX Direct?

For those who don’t know, I manage a product at Right Media aimed at the non-enterprise publisher world called RMX Direct. RMX Direct allows publishers to manage their ad network relationships as well as work with ad networks directly who participate on our exchagne. The Yahoo investment will give us additional resources to grow RMX Direct and other opportunities to work with Yahoo may open up down the road. Additionally, Yahoo joining the exchange will bring more buyers who will then want to advertise on RMX Direct publishers as well. If you’d like to give RMX Direct a try before it comes out of beta, go here and request an invite.

Anything else?

Feel free to ask questions in the comments, and expect more from Right Media in the future.


There’s been some decent media coverage so far on other blogs. The highlights:

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