Salesforce for Google Adwords

Interesting, according to Techcrunch Salesforce has launched a tool on their AppExchange called Salesforce for Google Adwords that allows search engine marketers to monitor their Adwords performance.

Techcrunch provides some screenshots, and apparently it allows advertisers to create, track, and measure campaigns, and it provides an important ROI calculator.

What’s curious to me about this is that Salesforce has primarily been used by sales employees at most companies who use it, who for the most part might not really be the ones managing search marketing. I guess in some cases it could be, as search marketing is often used to create leads, but it doesn’t seem like a natural fit.

The cost of $300 a month also seems pretty steep when you already need to have a paid Salesforce license, especially in a market that has lots of competitors, and many of those competitors provide the ability to manage Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter accounts as well.

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