Google Pages Could Cause Email Spam

I hadn’t thought of this in my original post about Google Pages, but this post brought to light the potential email spam problem that exists because your Google Page URL is That means a spammer would just have easy access to people’s live gmail account usernames.

Of course, I’m sure there are plenty of other ways for spammers to get email addresses in quicker ways, but if you’re a Gmail user who doesn’t want spam, it sure seems like it’d be more likely to put a Google Page out there.

It’s a bit surprising Google didn’t think of this. Or if they did and chose to ignore it. It could be solved by adding a feature to change the subdomain to something else that’s available, which could be problematic though since a lot of words and names are taken as people’s Gmail usernames.

  • Nir Ben-Dor

    There is no way Google didn’t notice it. They are probably working on an anti-spam filter which knows how to identify this problem and want people with other email providers to switch to Gmail because of that.

    Nir Ben-Dor
    I read & write @Linkadelic Magazine

  • Henric

    Good point, but Google must have some solution…

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