Google Buys MeasureMap: Where Does It Go?

As had been rumored for a while, Google has announced the purchase of blog analytics tool MeasureMap. MeasureMap was developed by a team within Adaptive Path, and the MeasureMap team will now be joining Google.

What’s interesting about this is that MeasureMap has been in private beta for months now, but hasn’t been released to the public. It’s amazing how early companies can get acquired. I recently received a beta invite and have been tracking this blog, I’ll probably post my thoughts on the actual application in the next week or so. TechCrunch also weighs in.

What’s most interesting about this acquisition is what Google will do with it. There are really two options that come to mind:

  1. Use it to improve the interface of Google Analytics, thus combining the products. MeasureMap has a better user interface, it’s simpler, easier to understand, and prettier. Google Analytics has much more to it though as far as stats are concerned, so it’d be interesting to see how they’d pull that off.
  2. Attach it to Blogger/Adsense as an integration piece. Just like they did with allowing Adsense to be easily added to blogs, it seems like they could just give Blogger users the option to turn on MeasureMap, or have it on by default with their blogs. That would fit the Blogger ease of use very well. I think this is the more likely scenario in my mind, we’ll probably know soon.

Congrats to those involved.

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