5 Newsvine Observations – A Review

NewsvineThe much-anticipated web 2.0 news site Newsvine has now launched, and I received my beta invite last night. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Nice Design – The overall feel and design of Newsvine is quite nice. The look is appealing, professional, the green color is different for a news site, and everything seems well thought-out and organized.
  2. Where Do I Start? – In comparison to some other social news sites like Digg or Reddit, I think Newsvine is a bit harder to understand what you should do as a user. Part of this is that there are more things you can do, so it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. I immediately started wondering if I should write something for my column, post links to news articles (called “seeding”), comment, live chat, or vote for other stories.
  3. What Do I Do With My Column? – The name “Column” makes me think I need to only write long articles there. Should I post my blog posts there? Should I write original content? I’m sure this will become more clear as we see how people succesfully use their column, but I’m not sure exactly how to use it yet.
  4. Revenue Changes Things – Newsvine is offering revenue to users for ads shown on their column pages. 90% of the revenue will go to you, and 10% will go to the user who referred you to Newsvine. If nobody did, that 10% goes to Newsvine. Will this make it more of a haven for spammers than another news community site? Or will it bring more professionalism and people who work very hard to contribute with a monetary incentive?
  5. More To Do Is Good – People have different incentives for participating in community news sites. Some people like to help the greater good, others are looking to build a reputation for themselves or their business, and others just like to be a power user of a site. I think in the case of Newsvine having the ability to contribute news, vote on news, live chat on news, and create your own column is a great combination that will in fact lead to a powerful community. There are various ways they highlight top content in various categories, and so far it looks like it will work well.

My overall feeling is that Newsvine is going to be a success. It has a professional feel with helpful tools, and is almost a new version of the social news sites we’ve recently seen grow so much. I don’t think it will kill any older sites like I’ve seen some people say, I just think it will grow to be a powerful user-powered news community.

  • http://www.commontimes.org Jeff

    Check out CommonTimes


    It’s a little more straightforward

  • raff242

    Very biased towards the left. The Admins are ill-informed leftists who remove any post critical of the obama admin. Most members are anti-Jewish and hate Israel, and sympathize with the Palestinian terrorists against Israel

  • jesus5150

    Extremely biased and admins feel its their place to comment as if they were participants.
    Much better places than this.

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