Where Are Web Communities Headed?

Dot Tactics discusses a few of the popular web communities right now and what the future holds?

I agree with their opinion that the Digg community model is very cool and working well. However, I think it suffers if you move beyond it linking to just top stories in various areas. There really isn’t much discussion or community generated content beyond people adding in links to stories.

Users don’t really build a “home” at Digg like they can in some other web communities.

I’d like to see something that mergest the best of everything out there. Give me a Digg front page news system, combined with photo/media sharing like Flickr, profiles for social networking within the community to act as the user’s home page like Myspace, and perhaps some social bookmarking capabilities like del.icio.us.

That kind of platform would do some serious damage in a lot of focused niche communities, as well as probably in a larger situation like Slashdot or Digg.

Who wants to build it?

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