I Want a Web 2.0 Community Platform

I’d like to make one addition to Richard MacManus’ list of Web 2.0 Products We Need (But Which Don’t Exist Yet): A Web 2.0 community platform.

The web is full of some good quality community content sites, and in my case I’m thinking of my site Wakeboarder.com. It’s a classic Web 1.0 site with a content management system, some static content, some forums, image and video uploading, reviews, etc. The web is full of sites like this.

Due to it badly being in need of both a design and functionality update, I’d love to upgrade it to a Web 2.0 community platform.

What I’d really like, although I’d settle for less, is an open-source web application that’s got one user account and combines the basic features of digg, del.icio.us, myspace, and flickr (with videos and pictures).

Obviously combining all the features of those applications would be a large project, so I’m thinking of just the basic functionality of each, so a user can login, submit/bookmark relevant news items/forum threads/pictures/videos, have their own profile page where they can link up with others, comment, and start discussion threads, and share pictures and videos like you would with flickr.

Has anyone seen anything close to this and I’ve missed it? Is anyone developing this? I’d be willing to beta test. I’d also pay money if someone developed something like this of decent quality.

I imagine there would be a ton of site owners who will want to change their “Web 1.0″ community/content sites into a new social/sharing platform such as this. It could be a very successful project. Someone please drop me a line if you know of anything going on in this space.

  • http://www.vcmba.com David

    I thought your post about making any web 1.0 site community-izable was very interesting. Have you found anything along these lines?

  • mantis108

    Seen Dolphin 5.2 yet? Might fit the bill…

  • mantis108

    Oh year, I almost forgot Community Server too…

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