Newsvine: co-op news blogger

There’s been buzz about Newsvine, a startup news site being started by four former Disney/ESPN employees.

CEO Mike Davidson unveils what Newsvine is all about.

It sounds like a very promising concept. It takes the bookmarking/tagging of for news articles, then allows people to add comments to the news stories like on a blog, while also allowing people to chat on the page. Very cool.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there, when you tag articles and add content to Newsvine, it adds it to your own page where you can also basically blog and write your own column. You also share ad revenue on this page with Newsvine, making it a co-op along the lines of recent Seth Godin startup Squidoo.

I signed up for the private beta list and I’m anxious to try it out.

  • Andrew BRUTH

    Yes, juste like Jamespot do for 4 years

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