Google Adsense: ‘Advertise on this site’

The Inside Adsense blog has announced that Google is now putting an ‘Advertise on this site’ link along with Adsense ads for all publishers. Clicking through allows advertisers to create an Adwords account and directly buy targeted ads on the site.

Adsense publishers can customize the landing page advertisers land on with their own logo, color scheme, and site description. Google also has a guided tour if you want to learn more.

This was really a no brainer for Google, and I’m surprised it’s taken them a few years to get it done. It’s a great way to get more Adwords advertisers, and it helps publishers generate more revenue. Ask Adbrite how much traction they’ve got from their “Advertise here” link with their text ads.

  • alonzo

    Good idea google

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